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1830 cover  to London with very fine strike of  “Lisburn / 73” IRELAND mileage mark
1830 entire wrapper addressed to London bearing on front a very fine strike of the “Lisburn / 7..
Cornwall - 1834 entire with SUPERB 2-line "ST GERMANS" handstamp
1834 a wrapper with full enclosure addressed to Upton on Severn, being sent free under the signat..
Cornwall 1839  cover superb strike of the “St Ives-C”  handstamp to Redruth
1839 29th April, an entire wrapper addressed to Redruth being rated at “5” in black manuscrip..
1835 cover DOVER PENNY POST to London + "1" Receiving House
1835 entire wrapper addressed to London from Charlton rated at “8” in m/s and bearing a boxed..
1838 cover "per Steamer Soverign" from Lerwick to Kirkwall rated at "9" (d).
1838 entire wrapper addressed to Kirkwall, Orkney Islands, from Lerwick, Shetland Islands, endors..
1834 BRISTOL PENNY POST + "No 26" on cover to Tetbury
1834 an entire wrapper addressed to Tetbury being rated on front at “8” in black manuscript a..
1834 entire Swansea to Yarmouth with MISSENT TO BRISTOL h/s
1834 an entire wrapper from Swansea to Yarmouth rated at “1/1” in red manuscript, which was s..
1833 entire Dundee to Kirkaldy with  two line “Missent To / Aberdeen”
1833 28th June, an entire wrapper from Dundee addressed to Kirkaldy rated at “8” in black man..
1839 cover to Salisbury, rated at “1” with VF strike of rare “Turnham Green/ Penny Post”
1839 entire wrapper addressed to Salisbury, rated at “1” in black m/s bearing on front a very..
1838 cover to Edinburgh from Galashiels with superb strike boxed “Addl / ½” h/s
1838 wrapper addressed to Edinburgh from Galashiels rated at “7” in manuscript, bearing a sup..
1837 “turned” entire wrapper addressed to Dundee from Tayfield
1837 a “turned” entire wrapper addressed to Dundee from Tayfield bearing on front the Newport..
1838 cover to London with verso “Belfast Late” cds + recto the Dublin “Free” Crown datestamp
1838 wrapper addressed to London bearing on reverse the “Belfast Late” c.d.s. for OC 19 1838 ..
1837 TRIANGULAR cover from Richmond, Surrey, to Dublin with "1" charge h/s
1837 an entire wrapper from Richmond Hill, Surrey, dated for DEC 18th being addressed to Dublin a..
1840 2 covers to Fulham from Hayling Island with very rare “Havant / Penny Paid” h/s
1840 two entire wrappers to the same addressee in Fulham, written from Hayling island both bearin..
1839 SCARCE entire "PAID AT PERTH" h/s sent to TOBAGO, West Indies.
1839 3rd April, an entire wrapper from Perth addressed to “Doctor R.J. Barr at Richmond, Island..
1836 cover to Salisbury rated  “8” with superb strike of  “Lymington/PyPost”
1836 17th September, wrapper addressed to Salisbury rated at “8” in manuscript and bearing a ..
1837 cover to London superb strike of the “Stratford on Avon/Penny Post” handstamp
1837 entire wrapper locally addressed to London from Wellesbourne bearing on front a superb strik..
1838 entire to London from PLYMOUTH TOWN SUB-OFFICE with "C" h/s
1838 an entire wrapper posted from the Plymouth Town Sub-Office located at George Evens’s, Tayl..
1837 "FREE" entire letter to Wales with "Scalloped" Sunday datestamp
1837 an entire wrapper from Cliffords Inn, London, addressed to Aberystwyth being sent by Free Fr..
1837 cover from Glenevis Distillery "Fort Augustus/ Penny Post " handstamp.
1837 an entire wrapper from the Glenevis Distillery, dated for 13th March being addressed to Forr..
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