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1872 entire letter from London to Italy bearing 6d chestnut tied by duplex cancel. Very fine.
1872 entire letter from London to Italy bearing 6d chestnut tied by duplex cancel. Very fine. ..
RARE 1872 cover with1871 3d rose pl 7 + pair 1872 6d chestnut pl11  London to Manila, PHILIPPINES
1872 a wrapper bearing an 1871 3d rose plate 7 issue together with a pair of the 1872 6d chestnut..
1867-1898 SUPERB 1/- “Stock Exchange Forgery”  pl. 5 lettered D.H.
1867-1898 1/- “Stock Exchange Forgery” a superb example from plate 5 lettered D.H. on a large..
1874 cover with 1/- green pl 8 from Beauly, Scotland, to Barbados.
1874 an envelope bearing an 1873 1/- deep green issue paying the rate to Bridgetown, Barbados, be..
1876 registered cover to CANADA with 4d  pl.15 issue + 2½d  pl 4 from Bath
1876 envelope bearing a 4d vermilion plate 15 issue together with a 2½d rosy-mauve plate 4 issue..
1878 cover with 8d pair cancelled by the Huntly, Scotland, duplex to Japan.
1878 an envelope bearing a vertical pair of the 8d orange issue paying the 1/4d rate to Japan, bo..
1884 cover with 2½d lilac from Huntly, Aberdeenshire, to Egypt.
1884 an envelope bearing a 2½d lilac issue being addressed to a Royal Marines Officer in Egypt, ..
1890 ½d brown postal stationery wrapper  to Berlin from London up-rated bisected 1d lilac  to pay the 1d rate
1890 ½d brown newspaper postal stationery wrapper addressed to Berlin from London being up-rated..
1881 cover - 1d lilac with "Posted on Board/Edinburgh Castle/ Steamer" handstamp.
1881 an envelope bearing a 1d lilac issue addressed to Dunoon being tied by the "163" duplex of G..
1887 5d dull purple and blue die 1 “Jubilee”, on cover London to India
1887 5d dull purple and blue die 1, “Jubilee” issue, on an envelope paying the rate to India ..
1889 ½d brown postal stationery  wrapper with "poetic" address to Maidstone
1889 ½d brown postal stationery newspaper wrapper being addressed locally within Maidstone, with..
1887 Jubilee issues cancelled  Shetland, Baltasound, Mail Bag seal handstamp.
1887 2d, 2½d, 3d, 5d and 1/- "Jubilee" issues being neatly cancelled by the Shetland Isles "Balt..
1887 2½d "Jubilee" on cover Inverness to West St Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A.
1887 2½d "Jubilee" issue on an envelope addressed to West St Paul, Minnesota, U.S.A. being neatl..
1890 “Penny Postage Jubilee/South Kensington” - 2d Jubilee SPECIAL d/s
1890 “Penny Postage Jubilee” commemorative postcard bearing a 2d Jubilee issue being tied by ..
1892 South Kensington Exh. envelope registered to Belgium 4d Jubilee
1890 Penny Postage Jubilee, South Kensington Exhibition, an example of the1d blue illustrated exh..
1891 ½d postal stat. wrapper + 2x ½d vermilion to CEYLON from Methven
1891 ½d brown post office postal stationery newspaper wrapper, up-rated with two ½d vermilion i..
1900 I.R. Official 1d on cover from Inverness to Stornoway
1900 an "O.H.M.S." envelope addressed to Stornoway, Western Isles, bearing a 1d lilac "I.R.Offici..
1894 1d letter card with "belted" "R.M.S. Lord of the Isles" AU 28 94 datestamp.
1894 a 1d lettercard addressed to Paisley from Strachur being cancelled by the Greenock double ri..
RARE 1899 cover from St Kilda sent by "Float Mail" and washed up in Norway.
1899 a stampless envelope with damp-affected letter headed "St Kilda N.B. June 28th 1899" address..
1895 Strathpeffer, Parcel Post Label, Highland Sorting Carriage handstamp.
1895 Parcel Post label of "Strathpeffer (under Dingwall) bearing a 3d "Jubilee" issue being tied ..
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