Other Queen Victoria surface-printed issues

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1887 2½d pale purple on blue,  scarce imprimatur . Spec. No. K31(1)ab. R.P.S.,L. Cert.
1887 2½d pale purple on blue paper, an imprimatur example without gum, issued imperforate with g..
1880 cover 1d venetian red with rare Edinburgh dotted circle d.s. Type C2
1880 1d venetian-red on an envelope addressed locally within Edinburgh, being tied by a very fine..
1892 ½d postcard to Germany "Posted on Board Loch Lomond  The Queen" cachet.
1892 a ½d brown postal stationery card bearing the private cachet in purple ink "Posted On Board..
1882 cover with 6d grey pl 18, from Campbeltown to Adelaide, Australia.
1882 an envelope bearing an 1882 6d grey issue from plate 18 addressed to Adelaide, Australia, be..
1884 cover with 6d green from Campbeltown to the Island of St Helena.
1884 an envelope bearing a 6d dull green issue paying the rate to St Helena, to await Captain Cun..
1884 cover with 4 x 2½d lilac addressed to Japan,from Oban, Argyllshire.
1884 an envelope bearing four examples of the 2½d lilac issue paying the 10d rate to to Tokyo, J..
1857 cover to AUSTRALIA 1d Stars with scarce "RENTON RENTON" Scots Local cancel
1856 6d pale lilac issue on an envelope paying the rate to Warnambool, Victoria, Australia, being..
1865 cover with 1d pl 87 x three + 6d a pair, from Ardgay, Ross-shire to Victoria, Canada.
1865 an envelope bearing a strip of three of the 1864 1d rose-red plate 87 issue together with a ..
RARE 1872 cover Skibbereen, Ireland, to Australia with 4 x 1d red, 6d chestnut tied cds
1872 an envelope bearing four examples of the 1864 1d rose-red issue from plate 120 together with..
1855 cover with 1d x 3 +4d "Registered" from Lochmaddy, North Uist to Portree, Skye.
1855 a wrapper bearing three 1854 1d perf 14 issues together with a 4d carmine issue paying the "..
Rare 1856 cover with 4d carmine glazed blue paper Sunderland to France
1856 An example of the 4d carmine issue on blued highly glazed paper, watermark medium garter, on..
1861 cover with a pair of 4d issues to France, with boxed "Peterhead/Ship Letter" mark.
1861 an envelope addressed to France being landed by private ship at Peterhead, handstamped with ..
1857 reg. cover with pair 4d rose-carmine CHARLOTTE PLACE Scots Local cancel
1857 an envelope bearing a horizontal pair of the 4d rose-carmine issue paying the postage and ..
Rare 1859 cover Cardiff to St Petersburg, Russia, with strip 3 x 4d carmine
1859 A wrapper bearing a horizontal strip of three of the 1857 4d carmine-rose issue paying the 1..
1860 cover with 6d lilac to India with type V "Arisaig" Scots Local handstamp
1860 an envelope bearing an 1856 6d lilac issue addressed to George Grant, Assistant Surgeon, Del..
1865 cover with 4d + 1/- issues to Shanghai, China, from Aberdeen, Scotland.
1865 an envelope bearing an 1865 4d vermilion plate 7 issue together with a 1/- green plate 4 iss..
1857 cover with 6d issue and "Southend" Argyllshire, type V Scots Local handstamp.
1857 an envelope addressed to Georgetown, Demerara, bearing on front the type V "Southend" Argyll..
1862 cover with 6d lilac issue from Invergordon, Scotland, to New Zealand.
1862 an envelope bearing an 1857 6d lilac issue paying the rate to New Zealand from Invergordon, ..
1858 cover 6d with type VIII "Rosehall" + "Inveran" Scots Local namestamps
1858 an envelope bearing an 1856 6d pale lilac issue addressed to St Pauls, Minnesota, U.S.A. bei..
Ireland RARE 1858 cover to U.S.A. with SCARVA udc and  1856 1s green
1858 An envelope bearing an 1856 1/- green issue addressed to New York being tied by the “310..
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