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1859 reg. cover London to Oporto, Portugal, with 2 pairs 1s rated "840"
1856 1/- pale green, two horizontal pairs on an entire wrapper paying the 4/- “Registered” ra..
GB - Portugal 1859-61 two covers with Late Fee use of 1d stars, Portuguese rate "80"
1857 4d rose-carmine on an entire wrapper paying the rate to Faro, Portugal, together with the ad..
GB - Portugal 1863 cover to Oporto with pair 1862 3d carmine rose, Portuguese rate "40"
1862 3d pale carmine-rose, a horizontal pair on an entire wrapper paying the 6d rate to Oporto, P..
1826 cover to Portugal with  "PLYMOUTH 218" circular datestamp.
7th July 1826 "TOO LATE" cover relating to "a pipe of port" from Plymouth to Oporto, Portugal, pa..
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